3 Reasons to Use a Denver Limo Service

Denver has become one of the top destination cities in the United States. The Denver Broncos bring in more and more fans every season for outstanding games. The winter and spring months bring in thousands of skiers and snowboarders looking to head up to Aspen, Breckenridge, or one of the many other mountain ski resorts the Rocky Mountains have to offer. In addition to sports lovers and mountain dwellers, the city of Denver has become a hub of many major businesses in the tech industry, rivaling Silicon Valley as the tech capital of the country. If any of these reasons bring you to beautiful, colorful Colorado, consider Denver Premier Limousine for all of your transportation needs across our great state.
  • Transportation for Business and Pleasure: If you or your colleagues are planning a business trip to the Mile High City – perhaps a conference or an important meeting – why not make your transportation as easy and reliable as possible? Available around the clock, Denver Premier Limousine will chauffer you and your business partners from the airport, to your hotel, and every destination you might require. If you and friends or your family is coming to the Front Range to experience the hundreds of fun and exciting activities, we can ensure you all get to your destinations safely and securely.
  • See the Sights Without Worry: If you’re in Denver on business, hopefully you’ll have a few hours of downtime available. If so, why not see all the sights there are to see? Mile High Stadium, Coors Field, Downtown Denver, and the various scenic mountain drives should all be high on your list of things to see. Instead of renting a car, dealing with an unfamiliar area and trying to navigate around traffic that you aren’t used to can make for a pretty boring drive without the opportunity to see much of anything. But, from the back of a limousine, Denver can take on a whole other life for your sightseeing pleasure. If you’re here for vacation, leave it to Denver Premier Limousine to chauffer you and your party around so you can all enjoy the relaxing trips around the city and the surrounding areas.
  • Luxury and Sophistication: Sure, you can use a taxi service or the unpredictable ridesharing market, but you never know if (or when) your ride will actually show up. Not to mention the quality and care of the vehicle you end up riding in. With Denver Premier Limousine, you know you’ll be getting a professional, fully screened driver in one of our best vehicles.
There is no shortage of reasons to give for choosing Denver Premier Limousine. Give us a call today to make sure you’re able to book the vehicle you desire on the days and times you need us most. We will arrange all of your transportation, or simply provide our services for the single event you need. No matter what, you’ll be using the go-to limo service for the entire Denver metro area. posted: December 22, 2015
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Why You Should Use a Limo Service in Denver on New Year’s Eve

The last day of the year is reason to celebrate. It signals the end to the long holiday season, the close of another of life’s chapters, and the opportunity to turn a fresh page and start a new year out right. Around the world, New Year’s Eve is a time to rejoice and revel. It’s also a time to look forward to the turning over a new leaf and getting a fresh start. It is a holiday to be spent at the last big party of the year, or doing whatever makes you and your family and friends happy. An often-overlooked aspect of New Year’s Eve plans is transportation. We here at Denver Premier Limousine have come up with a few reasons why you should use our services for your New Year.
  • Safety First – New Year’s Eve takes place one week after the winter solstice. Historically, the last week of the year in Denver is brutally cold and icy and/or snow covered roads along the Front Range are more typical than not. Even if you have a designated driver, the road conditions alone once night falls in Colorado, can become dangerous quickly. If you make it midnight, then you won’t be making your way home until the wee hours of the morning. This means your fellow revelers – even if they haven’t been drinking – are likely exhausted and not used to being out so late. A limo service like Denver Premier Limousine takes the obligation of getting you and your party to and from your destination with the greatest care possible.
  • Everyone Gets to Have Fun – Having a designated driver is responsible. Hiring a limo service to take everyone out and return them safely is a demonstration of true friendship and camaraderie. A limo service ensures everyone in your party gets to celebrate the night without concern or worry of accidently giving in to the pressures of having just one drink. With a limo, you don’t have to worry about DUI checkpoints or the increased law enforcement presence.
  • Show Up & Leave in Style – Does anything make you and your group feel better than stepping out of a sleek, black limousine at the restaurant, event center, or concert venue? Hiring Denver Premier Limousine to chauffer your evening will add that dash of luxury and mystique to make your experience one of the most memorable you’ve ever had. Step out at the curb to start your evening, and have a warm, beautiful car and professional driver pick you up when you’re ready to continue or end your evening in class and elegance.
These are just a few of the reasons why hiring a limo service for your New Year’s Eve plans is a perfect idea. Denver Premier Limousine is available for your night to remember. Simply contact us for the availability of the vehicle of your choice. Happy New Year, Denver! Here’s to another great year of safety, prosperity, and happiness.   posted: December 11, 2015
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Denver Premier Limo: 3 Different Vehicles to Suit Many Different Occasions


Not all limos are created equal. They may be equally fantastic, mind you, but will vary in how they can accommodate different situations and needs. From small groups to big groups to a party of one, choosing your vehicle wisely is one of the first steps in booking a limo service in Denver. The following vehicle types are offered by Denver Premier Limo, along with the best occasions for each that’ll help you get the most out of your experience:

  • Lincoln Town Car – The smallest in our fleet, the Lincoln Town Car is perfect for one or two people. Book the Town Car for trips to and from the airport, arrivals at corporate events, or showing up at a major soiree in which you’re the main attraction, such as giving a speech or doing the honors at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The Town Car is also perfect for dates, anniversaries, birthdays, bringing home the new baby, and any other special outing with your significant other. Another good reason to book the Town Car? You can impress your in-laws by giving them a limo ride to your home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  • Yukon XL –This sturdy SUV has “heading to the mountains” written all over it. Complete with a closed-in ski rack to store your equipment, being driven up the I-70 corridor and beyond is as comfortable as it gets. Bring along a couple of your snow-happy friends and sit back and relax knowing a professional driver is at the wheel. The Yukon also does double-duty as a great limo for getting you and/or a small group around the Denver metro area. That means booking the Yukon for transportation to everything from sporting events to concerts to parties and celebrations.

  • Lincoln MkT – A sleek, classy choice, the Lincoln MkT is the newest SUV in our fleet. Able to seat seven, this larger SUV can accommodate you and your friends while offering a luxurious experience as well. When you want to upgrade your evening and go all out, the MkT is the perfect option: book it for girls’ nights, guys’ nights, bachelor or bachelorette parties, bridal showers, big birthdays, and other major milestones you’d like to celebrate with an entourage. Add some champagne and refreshments, balloons or flowers, and you’ll have a night (or day) you’ll never forget.

When hiring a limo for any of the above occasions, there are a few things you need to tell your limousine company, such as the type of event, the date, and the number in your party, among others. However, once the details are taken care of, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy yourself.

Denver Premier Limo is your go-to limo service in Denver, offering the best in professionalism, customer service, and memorable experiences. With a variety of vehicles discussed above, you’re sure to find one to fit your needs. Call 303-332-4588 to schedule.

posted: November 24, 2015
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Book a Denver Limo Service for These Holiday and Winter Events

There are many things to see and do in Denver as the holidays approach and winter gears up. Instead of driving yourself or calling a taxi or Uber, why not arrive in some comfort and style? The following events and happenings in and around the city are worth a Denver Premier Limousine ride with a professional, experienced driver at your service:
  1. Performing arts – With a world-class performing arts center smack in the middle of Denver, you can enjoy everything from dance to opera to theater performances this winter—without worrying about driving and parking. Kick off the season with Colorado Ballet’s The Nutcracker at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, November 28-December 27. Or how about the Colorado Symphony percussionists’ Drums of the World at Boettcher Concert Hall on November 29? The Symphony is also putting on their annual A Night in Vienna on December 31—a good way to start the New Year’s Eve festivities.
  2. New Year’s Eve – And speaking of ringing in the new year, the 16th Street Mall’s annual New Year’s Eve Fireworks at 9 p.m. and midnight means crowds galore downtown. A limo ride to and from the event is a surefire way to enjoy the night without worrying about traffic congestion, not to mention whether or not you can enjoy a few celebratory cocktails. And if your New Year’s Eve is all about the party, a limo service can provide bottles of champagne and other refreshments to make the night even more fun as you travel to and from your destination(s).
  3. Sporting events – The Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, and the Denver Broncos all have home games this winter. Do you have tickets to the Broncos game on Sunday, January 3? Or what about the Nuggets game at the Pepsi Center on Sunday, January 10? The Colorado Avalanche also has a full schedule this winter, with several home games through April 2016. If you’re planning to attend any of these sporting events, consider booking limo transportation as well. Coming home after a win (or loss) will be that much easier and stress-free.
  4. Valentine’s Day – Maybe you’d like to do something special for your honey on this heart-filled holiday. Romantic Valentine’s Day drinks, dinner, or dessert locations in Denver include Green Russell in Larimer Square for fancy cocktails, tea at the Brown Palace Hotel & Spa downtown, the Peaks Lounge in the Hyatt Regency Denver with its amazing views of the mountains, or D-Bar Desserts in the Uptown neighborhood for dinner or a little something sweet. And make sure to top off your romantic evening with flowers and a limo ride.
No matter what your plans are this holiday season or throughout the winter, you can rely on Denver Premier Limousine to provide luxury car service for all your special events. To schedule service, call 303-332-4588.
  posted: November 13, 2015
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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Denver Limo Service


If you’ve got an event coming up and you’re considering hiring a local limo service, then you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your reservation. The last thing you want for your big night is any unexpected surprises. All it takes is a little bit of planning and some research to craft the perfect plan for your event. Here are four things to take into consideration when looking for the best Denver limo service for your celebration.


Type of Limo

First and foremost, you’ll need to determine what type of limo fits your special event needs. If you’re booking for a wedding, chances are you’re looking for something a bit more on the classic side. If you’re looking for transportation for a bachelor/bachelorette party or a birthday celebration, why not go for something a bit more conducive to a party atmosphere. Deciding on the type of experience you’re after is key to making sure you chose the right limo service.


Consider Cost

Cost is always a factor when deciding to rent a limo for a special event. In addition to the actual cost of the limo services, make sure you know in advance how many people will be riding and how long you’ll need the limo service. To be sure you’re on the safe side, add a little padding to both of those numbers so you aren’t surprised by additional costs. You will also want to have your route planned out beforehand. The cost of the rental will affected by whether you plan on going straight from point A to point B or if you are making several stops along the way. It’s best to have this information before making your reservation.


Do Your Research

Choosing a quality limo service can make your event truly special. To make sure you’ve found the best always check out the testimonials. If a company has great reviews you can feel more confident that you will also have a great experience. Another thing to consider is business experience. There are a number of subtleties that go into providing a memorable customer experience, so be sure to find out how much experience both the company and its drivers have.


Plan Entertainment & Refreshments

One of the perks of choosing a limo service over an Uber or Lyft is that the ride becomes part of the event. If you want more than the traditional bottle of champagne, plan ahead for some additional drinks and snacks to enjoy along the way, particularly if you have a long drive ahead of you. To complete the perfect ambiance, consider what music you’ll want for the ride. If you prefer to provide your own music mix, mention this while making the reservation to make sure the limo service can accommodate you.


A quality limo service is a great way to elevate any event. Planning ahead ensures that you will know exactly what to expect and helps your Denver limo service provider make your event perfect. If you have an event coming up, give Denver Premier Limousine a call and find out how our quality limo service can create an evening you won’t soon forget.

posted: October 20, 2015
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7 Events Upgraded by Using a Denver Limo Service

There are plenty of occasions that everyone agrees require a limousine. Weddings and prom are likely the most common. But why limit using a quality Denver limo service to just two times in your life? Limousines are a convenient way to add a touch of luxury to any number of life events. Here are seven untraditional events that are taken up a notch with the addition of premier limo services.
1.Concerts - When you’ve got a concert coming up that you’ve been looking forward to for some time, the last thing you want to do is draw the short straw and end up the designated driver for the night. That’s why a limo is the ultimate concert transportation. You won’t have to worry about fighting traffic or finding a parking spot, and you can also enjoy some pre-concert refreshments on your way. Not to mention showing up to the concert in style.
2.Birthdays - Do you have a friend turning 21? Or a spouse celebrating their 50th birthday? A limo is a great way to show someone how happy you are to have them in your life. Whether you and a bunch of friends are pitching in for a limo or you’re treating yourself to a memorable celebration, a limo is the perfect way to start a new age off on the right foot.
3.Anniversaries - You don’t have to be able to afford a vacation to wine country to make you anniversary special. By renting a limo to take you to and from the fanciest restaurant in town you can have the same special memories while saving money.
4.Graduation - Show your child how proud you are of all of their hard work by renting a limo for their graduation. Whether the limo drops them off at the graduation ceremony or takes them out for their night of celebration, a limo is a great way to make them feel special for their achievement.
5.Marriage proposal - The moment you pop the question is one of those memories you want to be perfect. Imagine proposing to your sweetheart in front of a luxury limousine before being whisked away for a night the two of you will never forget. The unexpected touch of glamour a limo brings will help the memory last a lifetime.
6.Dinner/house party - You’ve just spent an entire day prepping for the party and spent the evening catching up with friends, eating delicious food, dancing, and drinking. Why not take the worry of the drive home off you guests’ minds by reserving a limousine for the end of the night? It’s a surefire way to secure your title as the ultimate party host.
7.Employee reward - Have your employees recently hit a big business milestone? Landed a huge client? Hit a productivity goal? Whatever the case may be, rewarding them with a limo ride and dinner is the perfect way to show them how truly grateful you are for their hard work and dedication to the company.
  posted: October 9, 2015
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3 Reasons a Denver Limo Service Can Make Trips Easier

Have you even taken a cab, Uber, or Lyft and needed to instruct the driver where they need to go or what route they should take? It is unfortunately a frequent occurrence that really should not be necessary. The problem with hopping in one of these types of Denver car services is that you never know what you might run into or what might be an issue. Sometimes the only requirement for these services is that the driver have a valid license, car in good condition, and a clean driving record. The actual professionalism of a driver does not necessarily come into play. Personal chauffeurs with professional car services have a unique set of skills. Much like a host or a maître d, the driver truly can make or break the experience of those in his or her stead. It is important if you are embarking on a significant evening that you have confidence in your driver’s ability. Here are three reasons professional drivers can make your trip easier:
  1. Demeanor and Professionalism: When you go to get into your Uber or cab, does the driver get out of the car to open your door? It is a simple, yet appreciated gesture that professional drivers will always perform. It makes the passengers feel welcome and cared for as they begin or end their journey. During the trip, you can feel confident that you can rely on your driver to not only get you where you need to go, but carry themselves professionally and courteously.
  2. Route and Area Knowledge: Aside from the ability to use GPS and having the technology to do so, most professional chauffeurs or drivers have an extensive knowledge of the city and understand the best routes, times of heavy traffic, or even scenic versions of the route to your destination. They understand they should cater to their audience in terms of route and will be able to gauge whether you have time to spend before a reservation or need to resolve the quickest route.
  3. Group Outings: Undoubtedly, the best option for a group is taking a single ride to the destination. Aside from the obvious benefits in terms of safety and sticking to a plan, the cost can also be minimized. What most millennials and generation X-er’s don’t realize is that hiring a driver and planning ahead can actually be cheaper than each individual figuring out their own transportation at the last minute. Pooling together and splitting the cost can save everyone money while actually giving you another opportunity to enjoy each other’s company.
Consider the benefits of hiring a professional car service for your next outing in Denver. Take advantage of what is available and plan ahead to save yourself and your group some money. Denver Premier Limo’s professional and courteous drivers can get you where you need to go without a worry or concern on your part. Call us today to plan your next trip or learn more like our top 3 tips for stress-free business travelingposted: September 17, 2015
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How Your Denver Limo can Make Your Anniversary Special

Anniversaries are a special time for a couple to celebrate their togetherness and commitment. This year, why not make it even more special with a Denver limo? Here at Denver Premier Limo, we offer special services for your special occasions, including anniversary celebration.

Plan your romantic evening and hire Denver Premier Limos to take you to all your favorite places. Our limos will pick you up on time and will take you anywhere you want to go! Go out to your favorite restaurant and then take her to meaningful places where you have shared special memories. You can spend as long as you want and we will wait until you’re ready to go. You can relax and enjoy the evening while we handle all the work.  The limo will drop you back off at home when you’re ready, no pressure or timeline you have to follow.

Make sure to plan your anniversary ahead so we can make all the arrangements you need. Denver Premier Limos is here to make sure that your evening is perfect from beginning to end. Contact us today to find the perfect limo for your special day.  posted: September 11, 2015
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Happy Labor Day! Make it the Best Yet with Limos in Denver

Labor Day is on the first Monday of September and is a celebration of the American labor movement. It’s a great day to celebrate the end of summer with your friends and family and to enjoy a long weekend. With A Taste of Colorado, Taylor Swift, The Book of Mormon, and Rockies Games happening, there won’t be a dull moment.  However, it’s a particularly difficult time to navigate the city with so many people on the roads – and finding a parking space is even harder. Bypass all of the unnecessary stress and concern and get yourself set up with Denver limos. There is no need to risk the issues that could arise with such a high volume of traffic and movement in the city.

With Denver Premier Limo, your preferred limo service, we have a wide array of vehicles with the latest amenities. Our team of professionals know their way around and can provide a hassle-free ride through Denver.

Make sure to end your summer in style by reserving luxurious, stress-free transportation that can make a fantastic weekend complete.  posted: September 4, 2015
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Mark Your Calendar: Denver’s Biggest Fall Festivals


As the heat dissipates and the leaves start to change color, Denver heats up with some great festivals. This coming fall is filled with some of the Mile High City’s greatest events. Get organized and ahead of the game - get your tickets, book your Denver limo service, and make sure your plans are seamless. Here are some upcoming festivals you don’t want to miss: 


When: Sept. 18-27, 2015

Where: Denver’s Ballpark Neighborhood (between 20th and 22nd St. on Larimer St.) 

Modeled after Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, Denver’s Oktoberfest is a popular fall activity to enjoy German attractions. With music, dance, authentic cuisine, and children’s activities, it’s a great way to commemorate the traditions of German heritage.


Great American Beer Festival 

When: Sept. 24-26 

Where: Colorado Convention Center 

The Great American Beer Festival brings in more than 49,000 beer enthusiasts from around the world. It covers 188,000 square offer of the Colorado Convention Center and is all about sampling. Visitors get one-ounce beer samples from more than 700 breweries from all over the country. This festival is a must for beer lovers. 

These events are just the start of a great fall season in Denver. Unfortunately, along with the biggest beer festival in the country becomes the biggest hassle in finding parking.  Make sure to book your Denver car service in advance to make sure that you have an extraordinary experience that’s stress and care free. 

posted: August 30, 2015
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